IICA Certificate Programme (ICP) in CSR - Batch 3

The principal institution of Corporate Affairs in India - The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), is established by and affiliated to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government Of India. It serves as a think tank, action research, service delivery and capacity building institute for all corporate entities and professionals. The National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR) established within the IICA, is the apex body for all matters related to CSR in the nation.

The IICA Certificate Programme (ICP) in CSR has been launched by the NFCSR in the year 2014 in order to meet the burgeoning demand for trained CSR professionals in the corporate, public and NGO sectors. The programme has so far certified 170 CSR Professionals in 2015, and another 130 students are currently undergoing the programme as part of Batch 2, and would be certified within Financial Year 2016-17 on successfully fulfilling course requirements.

Batch 3 of the programme is being launched from October 2016. Details as below may be carefully read by desirous candidates, and appropriate steps taken to take part in the programme.

Programme highlights

  • A 9 month intensive online course in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Comprehensive course content that covers:

    • Global definitions and applications of CSR, to the intricacies of Indian Agenda CSR as per Section 135, Companies Act 2013 that include CSR Policy, Strategy, Projects & Programmes, Monitoring & Evaluation, Reporting, Accounts, Audit & Taxation etc.
    • Latest updates on CSR Rules, Government Notifications, Circulars, and Reports etc.
    • Case Books / Studies and Sectoral Gap Analysis Compendiums on Sectors like Education, Health, and Livelihood etc.
  • Selection (for Individual Candidates) by Online Entrance Test at designated centres.

  • Nomination (for Sponsored Candidates) by companies as part of their mandated CSR spend.

  • Candidates with a background in development sector (3-5 years) may also be nominated by an organisation/NGO/Corporate and be self-financed. such Exempted Candidates are not required to give the Online Entrance Test. Their submitted applications would need clearance from IICA under this category.

  • Network of premier institutes/organisations as Contact/Study Centres/ICP in CSR Partners across the country.

  • Course Structure includes -

    • 14 weeks of comprehensive online study through a Learning Management System(LMS)
    • Periodic Contact Classes at the Study Centres/ICP in CSR Partner locations
    • A 360 degree assessment / evaluation of each student comprising of 100 marks that are broken down as:
      • Periodic online tests (Theory - total 50 marks)
      • 3 weeks of Corporate Attachment (Practical/field work - 20 marks)
      • 12 weeks of project work with an Implementation Agency/NGO/ Foundation / Trust / Society / Section 8 Company (Practical/field work - 30 marks)
  • Placements facilitation by IICA after the course for students who are certified. Please Refer the DISCLAIMER in this regard at the link http://iica.in/images/Disclaimer%20ICP.pdf



  • Education :- Graduate in any discipline with minimum 45% in aggregate from a recognized university.
  • Desirable Qualification: - Exposure to social work projects, experience of short term course on social interventions and effective communication skills.
  • Sponsored and Exempted candidates do not have to give the Online Entrance Test.


Selection Process

  • Sponsored Candidates: Filled application forms may be submitted online by the CEOs / relevant authority nominating the candidates. The selection of such candidates will be on a first come first serve basis. No online entrance test is required.
  • Exempted Candidates: Such candidates who qualify under this category, must apply directly by sending a mail to icpcsr.iica@gmail.com for registration and admission. They must submit, with this mail, their Resume, Cover Letter / Application for Admission to the course and a Letter from a NGO/Corporate/Organisation that is nominating. No online entrance test is required. Admission shall be on the discretion of IICA.
Important Dates
Registration Opens 5th October 2016
Registration Closes 15th July 2017**
Course Commences 17th July 2017**

Disclaimer: IICA reserves the right to make changes in any aspect of the course and/or its delivery, if need, be in the larger interests of the course outcomes. Candidates/Students and Study Centres will be suitably informed in advance of any such change/s.